What are the
Pool Horizons

working groups?

Pool Horizons will require fresh thinking, innovation
and collaboration among experts across various fields.

Pool Horizons is looking for highly motivated professionals to join its working groups and provide new perspectives that will benefit individuals, communities and society as a whole, resulting in research papers, best practice guides and policy recommendations.

Call for participants
in the Pool Horizons
working groups

Do you have knowledge or experience in the areas of health 
and safety, community improvement or environmental sustainability? Are you passionate about helping the swimming pool industry make a difference to society? If you would like 
to be involved in a Pool Horizons working group, please send an email to Pool Horizons with a brief description of your background and experience, as well as your motivation for joining the working group.

Please indicate which challenge(s) you are most interested
in addressing. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pool Horizons

The Pool Horizons working groups will address the following challenges:

Health and Wellbeing

Swimming pools are a great way of boosting wellbeing. They offer a fun and effective form of exercise that helps improve physical health while also giving a refreshing break that can reduce stress and promote relaxation. 
The physical and mental benefits of swimming and aquatic physical activity for older people have been clearly demonstrated. This working group will focus on finding ways to leverage swimming pools to promote health and wellbeing and improve the lives of older members 
of society.

Swimming pools can play a vital role in community development, providing a space for recreation, exercise and socialising. However, many communities lack access to such facilities. This working group will concentrate on advancing the role swimming pools play in communities and championing equal access to water.


Sustainability and
the Environment

The swimming pool industry has an important responsibility to ensure that swimming pools are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This working group will explore ways to improve the environmental impact of swimming pools and promote eco-friendly practices.

Water and

Drowning is a significant yet underestimated global public health issue: worldwide, drowning claims the lives of over 230,000 people every year. Promoting swimming and water safety skills are central to reducing drowning on a global scale.
This working group will investigate how the role of swimming pools as safe spaces for acquiring aquatic literacy can be enhanced and expanded.